Sebastián Barbieri Lemp

This is the section webpage for the course Math253:101

This page is meant as a complement to the main page for the course, whose link you can find at the bottom of the page.

Office hours:
Monday LSK300C at 16:00.


  • Announcement 1: Classes start on wednesday at 11:00 in classroom SWNG-121.
  • Announcement 2: If you wish to go to the office hours, please send me an e-mail first.
  • Announcement 3: Concerning the written assignments: Please write your name, course, section number, and number of assessment (ie: homework 1). If you did not staple your homework, you should do this in every page. This is a request made by the MLC.


  • Marks and Outline: The general rules for this course can be found here.
  • Grade change requests: Any requests to reconsider grades (homework, midterm, etc) should include the regrade request form.
  • Email to instructor: Any email concerning this course should include "253" in the subject. Otherwise I might not read it.