Math 104-s103 2018W, - Winter Term 1, September-December 2018 (page under construction)

Instructor: Dr. Sebastián Barbieri
Email: mail
Office Hours: Monday 14:10-:16:30 at LSK300B
Lectures: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11:00-12:00. location: Buchannan-A102

General information

Canvas and Common course webpage

We shall be using canvas. Information about textbooks, the topics, the marking scheme, and policies can be found in the course outline described the common course canvas site.


There shall be weekly webwork. Check the information in the common canvas website.

Contacting your instructor

Grade change requests: Any requests to reconsider grades (homework, midterm, etc) should include the regrade request form.

Email sent without "104" in the subject is very likely to be ignored.

General tips

You are encouraged to do lots of problems, this is the best way to learn the subject.

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